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How to assemble homemade Samoas at home. There's no better time of the year than Girl Scout cookie season right.

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Some Like it "Hot" Some like it "Chilly"

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I don't be sure about you but I love the cold weather. A couple weeks ago here in Southern CA we were blessed with some amazing days of cold and wet weather. This is such a treat for us very spoiled CA dwellers as we have mostly sunshine and intense weather year round. I can not get enough of these cold rainy days. I have always told my husband I could live in the rain every day. Personal sales went expert, except for one walk about, mommy and daddy helped with the majority of the sales. They are set up to teach the girls great business skills and to be independent. Yes I think they inculcate the kids both of these but, our booths happened to land on all the cold rainy days and nights. My daughter and I did 4 booths and by the end of that we were both over them. At the end of our last booth we were both crying lol. We were both cold, dog-tired and wet. I think it taught my daughter to stick it out even when it gets tough but I was also sad for her to stand in the cold rain. My husband helped by picking up my daughter and taking her to a flick picture show while I relaxed with friends for the rest of the evening. In the end she sold 380 boxes total, still a great accomplishment, but not her goal. She earned a lot of very cool prizes and mommy and daddy will be surprising her with new skates for all of her pragmatic work. Cookie sales may have not been our strong point but I did love what it taught her. Girl Scouts is a wonderful organization teaching our girls great morals and preparing them for the days, hopefully next year we will get the rainy weather on the days we want to cuddle and watch a movie instead of selling lol. With all of that being said I encourage all the mothers out there to enlighten your girls to be independent, be strong and love themselves for their accomplishments. Even if they don't reach there "Goal" they can always set new ones and keep trying. This is the greatest lesson my Mother taught me in duration. It is amazing to have a partner walk beside you but please know how to stand on your own. I own a photography business called Self Expressions Photography and I run a food blog called Kitchenette Self Therapy.

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Girl Scout Cookies | What's in the box?
There's more to Girl Scout Cookies than what's in the box. When a Girl Scout sells you cookies, she's structure a lifetime of skills and confidence.

Girl Scout Cookies - Wikipedia, the without encyclopedia
Girl Scout Cookies are cookies sold by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) as one of its prime fundraisers for local Scout units. Members of the GSUSA have been selling ...

Girl Scout Cookies | Licensed Girl Scout Cookie Finder
The Decorous Girl Scout Cookie Finder ... Ready for Cookies? Buying Girl Scout Cookies is about so much more than just handing over money for a box of treats.

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Incipient Order Rewards . Printable Girl Scout Cookie Sheet. View ...

Incipient Order Rewards . Printable Girl Scout Cookie Sheet. View ...
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... what cookies are elbow and what the cookie shares slips look like

... what cookies are elbow and what the cookie shares slips look like
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Girl Scout Cookie Target Sheet

Girl Scout Cookie Target Sheet
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Get your Girl Scout cookie fix with this Samoa sheet cube. Yum!

Cooking recipes

Girl Scout Cookie Shooting
Ingredients:baileys, kahlua

Girl Scout Cookie
Ingredients:cacao, heavy cream

Girl Scout Samoa Cookies (Copycat)
Ingredients:butter, semisweet chocolate chips, coconut, sugar, corn syrup, cookies, condensed milk, vanilla extract

Girl Scout Samoa Cookies Formula
Ingredients:karo, of a, milk chocolate chips, sugar, butter, coconut, vanilla extract

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so she anxiously waited until he brought in the surrender-up sheet again and she ordered enough to stock her freezer for the next decade. OK, maybe I exaggerate, but she did love those pizzas. I read that from January to March each year, Girl Scout cookies are ...

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When there’s a dearth in the community, says Girl Scout Cadette Lyra Byrd ... them before nailing them to the fence in a bike silhouette. They even took an old cookie sheet and stamped into the metal to create a skimpy plaque for the artwork.