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How to Make to appear a Dollar Store Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Pull into a dollar store cookie sheet into a pretty, decorative memo board using scrap paper and Mod Podge. This dollar store craft is thrifty and easy to fancy, a.

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ourvintagelife:Make-up-covered cookie sheet makes an ingenious magnetic ...

ourvintagelife:Make-up-covered cookie sheet makes an ingenious magnetic ...
Image by doityourselfcrafts.tumblr.com

Supplies Needed for Magnetic Cookie Sheet:

Supplies Needed for Magnetic Cookie Sheet:
Image by www.amodernhippie.com

Magnetic cookie sheet

Magnetic cookie sheet
Image by pinterest.com

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RT @macmaestra: Ornate spelling "Braxton" with magnetic letters on a cookie sheet. Myla loves you @Brack_City_


Occupied spelling "Braxton" with magnetic letters on a cookie sheet. Myla loves you @Brack_City_


A cookie sheet, magnetic sheets, and her magnetic bandage up dolls. Neveah couldn't dress them on their… https://t.co/tGzb1dTFRT

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Originative use of cookie sheet
Originative use of cookie sheet

I *amity* this. Take a cheap cookie sheet, add magnetic fun bits, and mount it down low where the littlest kids can play with it.

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