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DIGGING FOR FIRE: (B-) Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Rosemarie DeWitt and Orlando Bloom star in this tale about a couple who embark on separate weekend adventures after finding a bone and a gun. (86 minutes) Language including some sexual 

Tata Xenon earns two-star ANCAP safety rating

The Indian-built Tata Xenon has received a disappointing two-star ANCAP safety rating, making it one of the lowest-scoring vehicles on the market. Despite ANCAP admitting the Xenon 4×2 dual-cab ute performed “fairly well” in the frontal offset crash

Toomua full of beans in new role

Wallabies playmaker Matt Toomua is negotiating a new Australian Rugby Union contract, aiming for the 2015 World Cup and getting ready for the ACT's Super Rugby season, but he's found a new way to get paid. Toomua has been the Australian Opals. In a

Tata Xenon earns two-star ANCAP safety rating - CarAdvice


Why release what is obviously a substandard vehicle without ESC onto the market in the first place. That seems to say we really don’t care too much about the safety of our customers. The results for the Great Wall in the frontal offset are terrible…even the Mahindra Pickup does better. Great Wall sales are in free fall and they should be avoided until they engineer a safer vehicle. Poor crash ratings, asbestos in parts…. Great Wall certainly doesn’t care. ESC is only a potential life saver. If you dont drive to the conditions or something falls off the back of a truck into your path then yes it will either stop you from crashing or make you crash at a slower speed. I have been taught this by the best in the business of how and when it works and what it does (best means BOSCH themselves). What i was getting at is that if you get t-boned or cannot avoid the accident due to no fault of your own, (this accounts for way more than half of all accidents), then how is ESC going to save you vs an actual strong crash structure. kluger is not a seperate chassis, i think you are confused with the prado. and yes this is something that manufacturers have been saying as well as those that are informed about car accidents is that some cars can actually be quite horrible in a car crash but score 5 stars because of the saftey devices in them and others... Now, dont get me wrong, i want ESC, airbags etc but half the devices are ‘supplementary’ meaning they have NO involvment in avoiding the crash or devastation they cause and are for idiots (setbelt reminders) or for the after effects in reducing... Manufacturers are being pressured to include a thousand airbags and warning lights and chimes to achieve the 5 star crash rating when the structure of the car iteslef is taking a back seat in terms of R&D for most manufacturers. Territory, was a 4 star crash rating until the SY model when it became a 5 star. all they had to do was make the front passenger seat chime at you if you forgot to wear your seat belt and it scored the 5 stars. BA Falcon 5 stars vs Toyota Aurion & Holden Commodore – Both 4 stars. Who had the most airbags. ANCAP logic would dictate it would be the falcon nowadays, but the Falcon had 4, Commodore had 6 and the Aurion had 7. How could this happen. well back in 2002 they actually used a crash test dummy to see if he was hurt in cerrtain spots instead of seeing if he had enough pillows and annoying chimes to make sure even if he was a complete moron he would be annoyed enough to obey the law... Current Clio has 4 airbags and yet still scored one of the highest ever rear passenger protection scores in euroncap even compared to curtain airbag cars. My point is the structure of the vehicles is the first thing to get right, the rest is trying to minimize what happen after the incident and as such i believe it should be a dual rating. one for the structural integrity of the vehicle with NO airgbags being deployed and see how the dummy fares, and then a test with the airbags and a score for the saftey devices employed in the car. If structural integrity is rubbish in your opinion and airbags are the life saver the testers believe it to be try a simple experiment for me. Grab a coke can (empty) and a Backed beans can (empty and no lid). Put an airbag in each one (Baloon pumped up). Now crush with the same force with the same hand. I know if i was a tiny person inside the cans which one i would be alive in even though one tin has two caps and one has only one. No I am not confused, I said the Tata has a separate chassis. Just wanted to know the score for it was, in particular the frontal impact one. Is the ESC better calibrated than the previous one. They don’t actually test that, just whether it has it or not. And structural integrity is not rubbish IMO, I didn’t say that. apparently we must all crash differently. No really it is because there are different vehicles sold in the whole world and some in some parts and not in others. the other reason is left vs righ hand drive can make an impact on some crash testing due to location of engines and tramission on a FWD and the ancillary items connected to engines on RWD.

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