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Water Polo Quebec - Posters (making of)

Processus de création pour les affiches de promotion de Water Polo Quebec.

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Club Water Polo Seeks Comeback Following Hiatus

They said that they also plan on making posters and throwing some water polo parties, similar to other parties thrown by varsity and more established club teams. Young and Lau's welcoming personalities and fun practices are what attracted Gnirke in the

Hunterdon County celebrates 2015 National 4-H Week

Centaurs got to meet some rare Andalusian horses, learned about equine art, set up "horseless" horse shows at the Flemington Community Day and The Bonnie Brae Polo Classic. They also In addition, club members prepared posters describing topics they

Changing the mindset of drunken driving

The message of Friday Night Live is shared in a variety of ways including social norms campaigns, posters, surveys, pledges and by word of mouth. “They have been A varsity swimmer and water polo player as well as an active member in Friday Night Live.

Club Water Polo Seeks Comeback Following Hiatus - The Oberlin Review

Source: oberlinreview.org

If one were to google “Oberlin College Water Polo,” a website would appear that some Oberlin students may not know had ever existed. The page, proudly sporting a copyright from 2005 at the bottom, represents a relic of the former glory of the Yeomen and Yeowomen’s water polo program. “There was a time in Oberlin’s history where we hosted Club Water Polo Nationals. … And then, for some reason that we still can’t figure out, the team just started to fall apart,” said junior Tadhg Young, a captain of the up-and-coming club water polo team this year, alongside junior captain Victor Lau. They want to bring back the glory their team once held at Oberlin. To do that, they are willing to work their way from the bottom up. Young and Lau were central in initiating water polo’s resurgence two years ago, with Lau as captain and Young as treasurer. They encountered difficulties early on when one of the team’s two captains left the school, but Young says the small team’s resolve remained strong. Progress was slow, but the wheels really started turning for the team in the 2014-2015 school year. “The team started getting our budget together, started actually having water polo representation at club sports, and we really reached out and had our first booth down at the club sports fair,” Young said. The tradition of the energetic bunch showing up to the club sports fair clad in Speedos and confidence started at the fair last year. the team tried to gain as much attention and notability as possible right off the bat. The team did gain the attention of members of the Oberlin varsity swim team, which Young and Lau claim have critically bolstered the team’s roster during the swim team’s off-season. Experienced swimmers weren’t the only additions to the team’s small roster, though, as the now-captains cited many recruits as being total newcomers to the sport but very excited to learn. “That has been our favorite part of practice — the enthusiasm of new players,” Young said. Sophomore Lukas Gnirke was one of these eager beginners last year, joining with more experience in swimming than water polo. “I swam in high school, and I had played a little bit of water polo, only by fooling around with the ball on my swim team,” he said. Last year, the team practiced once a week with a roster of eight to nine players. However, the team’s fall season is the less competitive of the two, as it is reserved for training novice members. The swim team is in its competitive season and is unable to lend support to water polo’s roster. “We definitely put a backburner on fall season, so that in spring season we can be a bit more competitive — we get our swimmers back, and we can hold more in-depth practices, focusing on strategy more than fundamentals,” Young said. This year, Young and Lau are teaching seven new players. The captains are continuously trying to increase the team’s size and accessibility, ensuring that they’re approachable to new players and encouraging friends to spread news about the team’s activities through word of mouth. They said that they also plan on making posters and throwing some water polo parties, similar to other parties thrown by varsity and more established club teams. Young and Lau’s welcoming personalities and fun practices are what attracted Gnirke in the first place. “It’s really fun, the people on [the team] are super cool, and it’s a great workout,” he said. Despite publicity efforts, the team is still encountering issues with a lack of familiarity concerning what exactly goes on during a water polo match. The sport is not particularly popular inthe U. S. in comparison with staple sports such as soccer or football, and it requires a pool, which is not as readily available an environment as a field. The team has consulted Director of Recreation and Club Sports Betsy Bruce about the possibility of going to other facilities or recreational centers. Since the beginning, the captains have continued to recruit members and raise awareness for the team.


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Google Books

Water Polo Whiz
Water Polo Whiz
Published by Author House 2014
ISBN 9781496943316,1496943317
168 pages

The leading character, Sandy Scott, a strong swimmer, leaves his home in the mountains of Western North Carolina and enters college in California to learn the sport of water polo. Six years later, he returns home and revives a defunct water polo program at his local YMCA, working with young eleven- and twelve-year-olds. The book follows his trials and tribulations as he takes his team of boys and girls to tournaments in Pennsylvania and Colorado. There is a family element in the story as well as a secondary love interest. Although fictional, the novel is based on some of the author's actual experiences.

Aquatic Facility Management
Aquatic Facility Management
Published by Human Kinetics
ISBN 1450407250,9781450407250

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Drew Litton reveals his CU National Championship poster
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KUSA - Drew Litton, Colorado's favorite sports cartoonist, appeared on 9NEWS Mornings on Thursday to talk about his latest drawing which honors the anniversary of the University of Colorado's National Championship. Charles Johnson, who was the quarterback ...

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USC Water Polo Well Represented At FINA World Championships
07/27/15, via Southern California Trojans

USC water polo has 13 Trojans representing seven different countries at the 2015 FINA World Championships, which are just getting underway in Kazan, Russia. Nine of those Trojans won NCAA Championships while at Troy, while four others are current members ...

Romania Postage Stamp: Water Polo
Romania Postage Stamp: Water Polo

catalog #1552, c. 1963 part of the Swimming series. Designed by V. Crivat, R. Veluda

Photo by karen horton

Sierra Women's Polo Poster Shoot - Just For Fun
Sierra Women's Polo Poster Shoot - Just For Fun

Photo by Matthew Folsom

Sierra Women's Polo Poster Shoot - Just For Fun
Sierra Women's Polo Poster Shoot - Just For Fun

Photo by Matthew Folsom