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#556 Same Bed, Different Dreams

Stories of people who are tied together, but imagine radically different futures. In one case, a movie star and her ex-husband plot against Kim Jong-Il.

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Eddie Redmayne on Transgender Rights and Finding 'The Danish Girl'

To portray the transgender artist in “The Danish Girl,” Eddie Redmayne built the character from the inside out. He started by poring over Lili Elbe's pseduo-autobiography “Man Into Woman,” chronicling her groundbreaking 1920s gender reassignment 

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And in “Ricki and the Flash,” which will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide starting Wednesday, Sept. 9, all the stock characters make an appearance. There's the kind, bemused ex-husband, the cool second wife, the troubled daughter, 

Eddie Redmayne on Transgender Rights and Finding 'The Danish Girl' - Variety

Source: variety.com

Then there was the day last summer when he screen-tested as Lili. It was the first time he appeared in public as the character — wearing an auburn wig and lipstick. Like most transgender people stepping out for the first time, Redmayne felt self-conscious. ” Eric Fellner, the co-chair of Working Title Films, which produced the $15 million movie, recalls: “That was the moment Lili came to life. Just six months after he won the best-actor Oscar for portraying another real-life figure, Stephen Hawking, in “The Theory of Everything,” all eyes are back on Redmayne. The 33-year-old British actor stars opposite Alicia Vikander in “The Danish Girl,” poised to be one of this year’s major Oscar contenders. Directed by Tom Hooper, the dramatic love story about landscape artist Einar Wegener, who transitions to Lili with the help of wife Gerda (Vikander), debuted at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 27 through Focus Features. The arrival of the movie comes at a key moment in the careers of its two young stars. Even before the film’s release, there’s strong buzz that Redmayne could win back-to-back Oscars, and the 26-year-old Vikander will be in the running for a best supporting actress nomination. Although the project had been in development for 15 years, based on David Ebershoff’s novel, “The Danish Girl” is debuting at a time when the zeitgeist has never been more supportive of transgender issues. The film’s first trailer, in which Lili declares, “I believe that I am a woman,” echoes the E. reality series “I Am Caitlyn,” starring Caitlyn Jenner, which premiered to 2. 7 million viewers in July. Amazon Studio’s “Transparent,” starring Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender parent of three, is up for 11 Emmys. “The Danish Girl” is a period piece set in the early 1900s, yet the themes of the story — about identity and unconditional love — feel relevant now. “This is a civil rights movement,” Vikander says, noting that she has been following Jenner’s journey. “It’s just wonderful our film can come out at this time, and be part of that. “The Danish Girl” will also be a test of Hollywood’s ultimate glass ceiling. The film industry — which has been reticent to bankroll projects headlined by LGBT characters, despite the success of 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain” — has yet to produce a mainstream movie about the transgender experience that has crossed over into... When transgender characters have popped up in supporting roles, they were sometimes offensive caricatures (such as in 1994’s “Ace Venture: Pet Detective”) and usually played by cisgender (non-transgender) actors. “I think this will probably be one of the last high-profile transgender roles going to a cisgender actor,” predicts trans actress Rebecca Root, who portrays one of Lili’s nurses in the film. “As more of us come up through the ranks, the more likely it will be we’ll take these roles. The stakes for “The Danish Girl” are high for another reason. The box office of smaller movies has been sluggish this year, and awards-season titles will need to sell tickets by the boatload to convince theater owners to book them opposite the blockbusters that occupy most of their screens. Given the tough economics for specialty films, even Focus Features, the boutique label launched by James Schamus in 2002, has found a need to diversify beyond the art-house market. Its slate under CEO Peter Schlessel includes highbrow fare like “Suffragettes” (Oct. 23), starring Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep. Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals,” which the company bought in Cannes for $20 million, is also due out in late 2016. “For Focus, in my opinion, a robust distribution business would include a healthy mix of both specialty and wide-release films,” says... Redmayne was informally approached by Hooper to play Lili while they worked together on 2012’s film version of “Les Miserables. ” In the same way he did extensive research on ALS to inhabit Hawking, Redmayne spent two years learning about the transgender community before the role was even officially his. “It was an education,” he says. I was utterly appalled at the statistics,” he says, citing the fact that 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide. He summoned Lili’s vocal pitch by watching videos online. “There are amazing tips on YouTube, in which you can take lessons in shifting your own voice,” he says.

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Dream Interpretation: Ex husband
Visitor's Dream: 'I dreamt that my ex husband aint happy with his new lover. He says to others people he aint happy and that he regrets leaving me for

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Dream from Angela Day… I had a dream that my ex husband and I were exchanging our children and although he was remarried, he asked me to move in?

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Dream Interpretation Ex Husband New Wife
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Dream Interpretation Ex Husband With New Wife
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